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There are beautiful locations… and there are beautiful locations. Last weekend I was a guest at a Autocar Event in the Louwman Museum in The Hague. And where does an artist feel more at home than in a gorgeous museum…

I was there for a very special occasion: the premiere of the Ferrari film/documentary ‘Road to Immortality’. Which was shown in the theatre of the museum. Prior to the premiere, I was one of the speakers during a short talk show. Roland Tameling from Autocar was the one who interviewed me. Here I got the chance to share my passion for automotive art with the audience. I also spend some time in the museum to talk to the visitors and work on a brand-new piece.

A wonderful day to be a part of. And I must say, the ‘Road to Immortality’ made quite an impression on me. This movie/documentary tells the story of the Ferrari team during the deadliest decade in motor racing: the 1950s. Absolutely a gripping story.