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This year is the first time I attended the Masters of Lxry in Amsterdam. A very special occasion, which is being described as ‘Europe’s leading luxury event’. And off course, an event like this is a perfect location for extraordinary cars. I was lucky enough to be a special guest at Louwman Exclusive. Amongst the McLarens to be exact.

Its always amazing to get to work surrounded by the supercars themselves. Before business hours, I had the opportunity to marvel at all the exhibitions. During business hours however, I really buckled down. My current model is the 720s, and this beautiful automobile was also present. It was really nice to be able to check the small details, when your subject is just a couple of meters away. (Seeing as each of my pieces take over a month to create, most of the time I only have really HD photos to study.)

During the 5 days the event took place, the public could admire everything that the world of luxury has to offer. And they did. Despite a heavy storm howling outside, transforming Amsterdam into a Winter Wonderland, there was a record amount of visitors. Not only did I see a lot of familiar faces, I also had the opportunity to meet amazing new people. It was a very succesful week. Thank you all, and I will see you next time!