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Last weekend I was a guest at Studio Jan des Bouvrie at ‘The Next Level’. A luxury event which was organised for the very first time. During two days, the public had the opportunity to enjoy all kinds of ‘nouveautés’ for design, lifestyle, art and interior. Definitely a great setting to get inspired!


The location for this event was the Arsenaal in Naarden. An gorgeous place in an truly beautiful area. The Theater Zaal turned out to be the stage for my contribution to the world of art. A few of my special automotive paintings were on display in an mini exhibition. Of course I also brought a completely new work with me… and some paint. This time the model is a magnificent black Maserati GT, with a hint to Louwman Exclusive (who were also there with Maserati).


For two days I had the opportunity to paint and introduce the visitors to the world of automotive art. An exceptional weekend!