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Portraits of Extraordinary cars.

Nothing compares to a unique piece of art.

Original paintings & Custom works

Original paintings

Automotive art like you have never seen before. Like classical portraits, each subject is painted in great detail. Every curve and every corner are captured on canvas. The hyperrealistic style of the artist creates a tangible solidity and the illusion of physical presence of the subject. Through playing with highlights, shadows and reflections, the subject almost ‘drives off’. No buildings, no trees, no distractions. The artwork is a tribute to the car and to the story that comes with it.

Custom automotive artworks

Art is personal. Sometimes you get lucky and you fall in love with an artwork. And sometimes, you dream of an artwork that has not been made yet. When you can not find what you are looking for, the best option is to have it tailormade by a professional. Contact the artist to create a one-of-a-kind hand-painted artwork of your own car.


the automotive artist

Attention to detail

An automotive artist like you have never seen before. Characterized by attention to the smallest details. Through thorough studying of the subject, everything is proportioned with precision. Even seemingly random paint splatters in the background are carefully planned. So that in the end, it all comes together to accentuate what it is really about: the car.

Passion for power

“When I was much younger, I loved to draw. However, when I started to focus on my education, I forgot all about art for a while. I got a degree in media design, a Bachelor’s degree in social psychology and eventually I graduated with a Master’s degree in behavioural change. After working in an office for a couple of years, art found its way back into my life. From the moment I picked up a paintbrush and painted my first car, I was sold. I instantly knew: this is it. I love art and I love cars. This is where my passion meets my skill. So, now I work full-time as automotive artist.

My goal is simple: I want to create unique and high-quality paintings. That is why, from canvas to frame, everything is custom and handmade. Old-school techniques are combined with modern materials, to make sure that every painting that leaves my studio is a hyperrealistic masterpiece.”

Artworks &

behind the scenes

Shipping all over the world

Every artwork is carefully packaged by hand & safely delivered.


the artist



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Live painting performances

National and international

For the past two years, many national and international events have been the stage for live painting performances by the automotive artist. Both automotive and luxury events have proven to be the perfect setting for this unique form of quality entertainment. It is the best way to get up close and personal with the creation of art.

The audience

Live painting is very different from working in a quiet studio. It always comes with a multitude of distractions. With suboptimal lighting, temperature, space, noise and unstable temporary floors, there is always a new challenge. But the audience makes it worthwhile. While working on a specially prepared canvas, the artist answers questions from guests. Some people stop to watch for a few minutes, others keep returning to follow the progress. Events are always a great opportunity to connect with people. Fresh thoughts and questions can be really inspiring.


Do you have enquiries about an upcoming event? Contact the artist well in advance to discuss the possibility of a live painting performance at your automotive or luxury event.