Brigitt Reuver: Automotive Artist

About the artist

As an artist my goal is simple: I want to create unique and high-quality paintings.

In a time where a lot of consumer products are mass-produced and subject to efficiency, I have chosen a different route. I love working with my hands and creating something new. Because nothing compares to a unique piece of art. That is why, from canvas to frame, everything is custom and handmade. I combine modern materials with old-school techniques, which give my work a very traditional quality.

It is all about the details

I have specialized in painting all kinds of cars. From modern supercars to legendary classics. Oldtimers and youngtimers, roadcars and racers. My style is hyperrealistic, also known as photorealistic. My work is characterized by my attention to the smallest details, especially reflections in chrome parts. Through thorough studying of my subject, everything in the painting is proportioned with precision. Even seemingly random paint splatters in the background are carefully planned. So that in the end, it all comes together to accentuate what it is really about: the car.

“When I was much younger, I loved to draw. However, when I started to focus on my education, I forgot all about art for a while. I got a degree in media design, a Bachelor’s degree in social psychology and eventually I graduated with a Master’s degree in behavioural change. After working in an office for a couple of years, art found its way back into my life. From the moment I picked up a paintbrush and painted my first car, I was sold and instantly knew: this is it. I love art and I love cars. This is where my passion meets my skill. So, now I work full-time as an automotive artist.”

Creating a custom painting for you

Art is not just about craftsmanship; it is also about emotion.

Having a painting tailormade just for you, gives an entirely new dimension to the artwork. It is not only about the craftsmanship that goes into the canvas, it is also about the emotion. As automotive artist, I love working on commissioned art. When you ask a specialized artist to paint your car, there is a story behind it. I love this challenge of translating the energy of your car into a painting. To capture the car’s character in a unique automotive portrait.

Every painting that comes from my studio is of the highest quality. Below, you can read more about my elaborate process. Discover just how much work goes into creating a painting just for you.

STEP ONE: The preparations

The project proposal

The creation of a custom automotive painting starts with the most important elements: you and your car. We will talk about any wishes and/or ideas that you may have for the painting of your car. Together we will come up with a concept for the commissioned piece. Among other things, we will agree on the position of the car and on the size of the canvas. When all elements are discussed, I will present to you a personal offer with all the details for your project, including delivery. Now we can start to create your own unique car painting.

Getting the materials ready

The canvas that I work with, will be tailormade for you: every size is possible. High quality linen will be stretched onto an aluminium frame. In the meantime, I am looking for the best reference pictures to study before I start painting. In my hyperrealistic style, I want to guarantee that every little detail in the painting is correct. That is why I will arrange for a specialised automotive photographer to come over for a professional photoshoot of your car. High resolution reference photography allows me to thoroughly study the car in my own art-studio. Your car will remain with you, while I work on my painting for more than a month. Good reference photography is just one of the tools I use to craft a one-of-a-kind piece of art.

STEP TWO: The painting


After studying the reference pictures, I will start sketching. Working on the perspective can be tricky. In this stage it is extremely important that I get all the proportions perfectly right, because the sketch will form the foundation for the rest of the painting.

Painting up to 250 hours on one piece

Creating a hyperrealistic art piece with traditional techniques is a very time-consuming process. The man-hours can take from 100 hours for the smaller paintings to up to 250 hours for the larger paintings. I will take the time to paint every little detail, every shadow, every highlight and every reflection. Layer upon layer the artwork is coming to life. Modern materials will make sure that the artwork is of the finest quality. Additionally, the old-school techniques that are used, give my paintings their traditional look and feel.

STEP THREE: The finishing touches

Studio visit

When the painting is finished, local clients will receive an invitation to come and check it out in my art-studio. All international clients will receive a collection of pictures from the painting, so that they can remotely check out the result. (When it is feasible, they are of course welcome to visit my art-studio as well.)

Varnishing and framing

When you have approved the painting, it is time for the final stage: varnishing and framing. The painting will be coated with a thin layer of varnish. This will not only enhance the colours in the paint, but it will also form a protective layer against outside influences. It will help to keep your painting looking fresh and beautiful in the long term.

A custom floating frame is made to fit the painting. Getting your artwork framed is a significant moment. Choosing a frame is very important, because the right frame will contribute greatly to the experience of your art. When the painting is varnished and framed, it is ready to go on your wall!

Meanwhile I will prepare the official certification that will accompany the painting. Every one-of-a-kind piece comes with a handmade box containing a unique certificate, signed by the artist and sealed with wax. There will also be a time-lapse video made of the entire painting process. This making-of video will provide you with behind-the-scenes footage and show you how the painting emerged from the canvas.

STEP FOUR: The delivery

The delivery of a brand-new artwork is very exciting. Especially for commissioned work. It is always an honour when clients ask me to create their custom painting. I work on every project with a lot of passion and it is incredibly rewarding to see clients react to my art. Because everything is handmade for you, the painting will always carry an extra personal experience.

Delivery within the Netherlands

For clients located within the Netherlands, the artwork will be carefully wrapped and delivered by the artist personally.

Delivery to all other countries

For clients located in a country other than the Netherlands, the artwork will be delivered by international shipping. Every painting will be wrapped extremely well and carefully packaged. A custom wooden crate is built, that will fit the framed art and the certificate perfectly.


Art is personal. Sometimes you get lucky and you fall in love with an artwork. And sometimes, you dream of an artwork that has not been made yet. When you cannot find what you are looking for, the best option is to have it tailormade by a professional. Contact the artist to create a one-of-a-kind hand-painted artwork of your own car.