Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato Volante (2018)

A collector’s item

Aston Martin and Zagato make a great team. The combination of British elegance together with Italian coachbuilding is a recipe for fantastic cars. Only 99 Zagato Volante cars were produced, which makes this a true collector’s item.

When one of these unique cars came to The Netherlands, I got an invitation to paint it live at the introduction. During this event I had the chance to work on my painting with the car right there next to me. This allowed me to study my model from all angles and really dive into the details of its design.

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  • Handmade frame
  • Official Certification
Linen canvas on aluminium frame
Size (bxh)
170x110 cm / 66.9x43.3 inch
Timelapse Video
Original artwork
Yes, two full scale reproductions
Comes with frame
Estimated hours painting

The Vanquish Zagato Volante was presented at the InterClassics Maastricht in the VIP area. This classic car show was the perfect occasion to introduce the Zagato Volante to the Dutch public. A few weeks before the presentation, I received official material from Aston Martin so that I could start sketching in advance. With my sketch ready, I was able to start painting straight away at the start of the InterClassics. In the end, it took me around 200 hours to complete this artwork.

Because I worked on this painting for 200 hours, it went with me to several other exclusive events. For example, the Formula 1 Grand Prix of Monaco. Fun fact: while I was working on it, the painting actually spent a week on one of the yachts in the Port Hercule harbour.

This is one of the few paintings of mine that have been reproduced. I decided to help raise money for charity and have two high quality replicas made in full scale. They were part of the charity lottery during the InterClassics Maastricht and they helped to raise money for a great cause.

This item in the webshop is the original painting. It is now for sale. It comes with a beautiful handmade frame and official certification. Take advantage of the opportunity and buy your own original car painting here.