Packard Twelve (2017)

A majestic oldtimer

The Packard Twelve is one of the main luxury cars from the 1930s. Around that time, the Packard Motor Car Company was the top-selling luxury car brand, known for their excellent and reliable engines. Their famous slogan: ‘Ask the Man Who Owns One’.

This is one of the very first car paintings that I have made. I love a beautiful classic car with a lot of character. The Packard Twelve is one of those majestic oldtimers. Its charismatic looks will instantly take you back to the first half of the twentieth century.

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  • Handmade frame
  • Official Certification
  • Timelapse video
Linen canvas on aluminium frame
Size (bxh)
180x120 cm / 70.8x47.2 inch
Timelapse Video
Original artwork
Comes with frame
Estimated hours painting

This Packard is one of the very first cars that I have painted. I loved working on this project, and I have received many positive responses to this painting. This gave me the confidence to pursue my dreams of working as a full-time artist.

Do you know the story behind the Packard Motor Car Company? In 1898 a mechanical engineer, called James Packard, bought a Winton automobile. Usually Winton cars were fine, but this particular one broke down during his first drive. James Packard didn’t find this funny at all, and he got in a fight with Alexander Winton. Winton challenged Packard to invent a better car himself. So, he did. A year later the Packard Motor Car Company was born.

This item in the webshop is the original painting. It is now for sale. It comes with a beautiful handmade frame and official certification. Take advantage of the opportunity and buy your own original car painting here.