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A selection of the most frequently asked questions and their answers.

Do you do commissions?

“Yes, I do commissions.”

Do you paint anything besides cars?

“Yes. Usually I only paint cars, but I do love all kinds of technique. So for example a motorcycle, a yacht or a watch is also negotiable. I do not paint portraits of people or animals.”

Will you paint any brand car?

“Yes. I love cars in general, and I am not committed to one particular brand. However, my focus is on exotic cars. Both my original works and my commissions contain a broad collection of exotics.”

Do you need to see the car?

“I paint from photographic references. This means the car does not need to be present during the painting process. I do prefer to meet my model beforehand. When the car is unavailable, I will discuss the possibilities with the client.”

How much time does it take to make a painting?

“The creation of a car painting takes up to two or three months. The first weeks are required to make a custom canvas and to shoot/edit reference photos of the model. The painting itself normally takes between four to six weeks. When the painting is finished, it will get a protective matte varnish. There will also be a frame made by hand. In the meantime, the paperwork is arranged for the official certification.”

Does the painting come framed?

“Yes, every artwork will come with a handmade frame and official certification.”

What are the prices of the artworks?

“For every client I make an individual quote. The pricing depends on the size and complexity of the project.”

Do you ship internationally?

“Yes, worldwide shipping is available. Every artwork is carefully packaged by hand and safely delivered. When it is possible, I try to do most of the deliveries in the Netherlands/Belgium/Germany myself.”

Do you have prints?

“No, at the moment I do not have any prints available. This is because every artwork is one-of-a kind and there are no replicas made. However, I am working on a special selection of limited edition prints. They have no official release date yet.”