YesPlz Magazine

New York magazine YesPlz Weekly had an interview with me about my work, plans and ideas. The 23rd issue of 2019 is totally dedicated to automotive. Read the article by clicking on the link below.

Dutch Artist Brigitt Reuver’s Photorealistic Car Paintings

Publication: April 29, 2019
Source: YesPlz Weekly New York

Interview AutoRai Online

Dutch website AutoRai Online asked me about my work and passion for cars and supercars. Read the full article, in Dutch, on their website.

Publication: February 3, 2019
Source: AutoRai Online

Publication in Autoweek

One of The Netherlands’ largest automotive magazines spoke with me about my work. Check the full Autoweek article here

Publication: September 5, 2018
Source: Autoweek

Article Classic Cars & Motorcycles (Bulgary)

Although I don’t speak or read the language, in March 2018 the Bulgarian magazine Classic Cars & Motorcycles published an article about my work.

Read the article here

Publication: March 6, 2018
Source: Classic Cars & Motorcycles,

Article in Classic & Sport Car

I had the honor to speak with AutoCarOnline Magazine about my passion for cars and my work.

Read the full article in Dutch here!

Publication: February 12, 2018
Source: AutoCarOnline Magazine / Classic & Sport Car

Publication on Dutch website FHM

The popular Dutch website posted an article about my work. Read the full article here!

Publication: September 8, 2017

TopGear online – 1 minute timelapse of a beautiful painting wrote about the Ferrari 250GTO I painted in 2017. They posted the 1 minute timelapse on their website.

Publication: september 7, 2017

Article GliAmici Della Ferrari

In 2017 Dutch magazine GliAmici Della Ferrari (GAdF), Italian for ‘Friends of Ferrari’, published an article about my work. GAdF is an magazine for members of the official Ferrari Club Netherlands and has four issues a year.

Read the full article here (PDF, Dutch).

Publication: spring 2017
Source: GAdF, Roger Lomme